Name : Kihaku
Age : 30ish
Hair : Usually blonde
Height : 153cm
Country :Finland or my own pretty imaginary worl.. wait. nevermind.
Occupation :Computer nerd

Likes : People, happy things, games, comics, milk, most likely you, sweet desserts, weapons, agressive things and almost everything.
Dislikes: Eggplants.
Hobbies : Things that use computers generally, Games (computer, ds, ps3/4,xbox 360/one, wii/u), irc, BJD, drawing, sewing, building, photographing, baking desserts, reading comics and whatever comes into my mind.
Bad Habits : Sitting in weird positions, fooling around, thinking too much.
Pets : Significant other, Hastur (main computer), Aieon (Tablet), Drake (phone) and couple male friends. I also have two tamagotchies.

Irc: Kihaku
Deviantart: Kihakushi
Hartsilapset/DOA : Kihaku