MMO games that I play or have played

Ragnarok online (2001->)
World of warcraft (just a year or something)
Guild wars 2 (2013->)



Games that I have liked enough to mention them here

Animals Crossing (Since gamecube)
Harvest Moon (Started with ps2 version, a wonderful life and played everything after it.)
Little Big Planet (Since the first version)
Katamari Damacy (Since always)
Final fantasy (I started with 7 and played almost every one of them)
Disgaea (the first is best <3)
Pokemon (I actually like the newer ones more)
Rainbow Six (Started with lockdown, slowly plying them allll)
Spec Ops : The Line (pretty different than the rest. I loved the controls most)
Ghost Recon (Started with Advanced Warfighter on 2015..)
Call of Duty (I started with Advanced Warfare,but after that played the older ones too)
Professor Layton (aaalll of eeem)
Trine (from the start)
Monkey islands (bwhaha. Old ones definitely. Even though the new ones are pretty good too.)
Sam and max (the old ones are best)
Day of the tentacle
Zelda (some I play myself, some I make my friend play :D)
Aaand millions of others that I don’t remember on top of my head.



Games that I like to watch. Because I’m lazy sometimes and I sometimes outsource the playing to two of my friends who visit here every week.
God of war (oh god, yes)
Red Dead Redemption (awsum)
Nier (this game doesn’t really get the appreciation that it should)
Darksiders (1! Because War. <3)
Amnesia (I love horror)
Silent Hill series (They don’t)
Fatal Fear (But everyone loves this)
Portal (and puzzles)
Rayman (And jumping)
Mark of the Ninja (awesome jumping)
Heave Rain
Asura’s Wrath (L.O.L.)
Bayonetta (hey it’s good to go overboard sometimes..)
Super Mario (newer ones are actually better. Wii versions are the best.
Alice : Madness returns (I kinda wanna play this myself too..)
Tales of series
And millions of others…